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It was not a brilliant game. But Barca’s win at Kiev could be medicine. Like in 2004 when Rijkaard’s Barça came back to life with a 1-0 win at Sevilla that served as a take-off, this win in Ukraine can also be a turning point in a difficult season.

The injuries, the noise around Xavi, the state of the table, give Sergi Barjuan’s win a tint of the epic. Only some perspective will tell if surviving in Kiev was really the start of something or not.

Barcelona were not consistent but that’s understandable, given he’s only had a couple of training sessions. The team started well but lost fuel, something that happened again after Ansu Fati’s goal. Dynamo generated danger and Ter Stegen made some good saves.


It’s impossible to erase the wrongs of the past but Barca to look better with and without the ball. But more importantly, the team’s morale is higher. They were together, following the same plan and determined to take the three points in whatever way possible. With more or less accuracy, but a Barca with desire and character. Look at Ansu’s joy at full time. “We want to get everyone wired,” said Barjuan and he’s doing it.


They saved the match-ball, as it were and against Celta they can play with more calm. It will be the last game before Xavi arrives. The international break can allow injured players to heal. If Barcelona can get three points they can be optimistic going forward.

The team will play against Espanyol on Nov 20 after that, Xavi’s debut. These two weeks will allow him to start getting across his ideas. Winning against Celta will mean he picks up a Barca outside of the ICU.

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