Pep Guardiola: Robert Lewandowski will adapt to Barcelona [1] 0 تعليق 0 ارسل طباعة تبليغ حذف

The coach believes that the Polish striker would not find it hard playing at Camp Nou

Pep Guardiola is convinced that Robert Lewandowski will adapt to Barcelona’s game if he signs for the Catalans this summer.

“We are talking about Lewandowski, his career speaks for itself, he adapts to any side,” said the former Barcelona coach. “I don’t know if Bayern will sell him and if Barcelona can bring him in.”

One other name linked with Barcelona is Man City’s Bernardo Silva, but Guardiola is not keen to let him go.. “That will be very hard,” said Pep.

On Ferran Torres, whom he sold to Barcelona in January, he added: “He’s had good number, when the team plays better Ferran will play better, you have to see it in context.”

Guardiola has asked for patience from Barcelonismo. “I hope that it all goes well for them but with the situation they cannot do huge things. We all have to accept the situation that’s there. We have to go calmly, we all know that if the situation is good they can’t make big signings. Keeping a low profile will help them come back up quicker.”

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