Rivaldo: I'm not sure Dani Alves' move to Pumas was the best decision

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Former Brazil forward Rivaldo has said that he isn't sure Dani Alves made the right decision by moving to Liga MX side UNAM.

It is well known that Dani Alves consulted Brazil national team coach Tite regularly before choosing where to move as he wants to play his way into the World Cup squad for the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

The decision to move to Pumas has caused an immense amount of excitement in Mexico, but not everyone involved in the game is sure that the right-back was right to go to a less demanding league.

One of them is Rivaldo, one of Barcelona and Brazil's former leading players, who won the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002.

"I don't know if it was the best decision to choose Pumas, because he could play in a country where the coach, Tite, sees him more, but I think he has a lot of confidence in Dani Alves because of his experience," the Brazilian legend said an interview with TUDN.

"He is the player who has the most titles and I think that if he goes to the World Cup then he will play very well, even if he is a little bit older."

However, Rivaldo acknowledged that he does not see Dani Alves as having many options to be a starter in Tite's team, even if he recognised the experience he brings.

"I think that if he goes to the World Cup he will play few minutes," Rivaldo said.

"If he goes it is more to be with the team, to motivate the team, because the coach has confidence in him."

Dani Alves has already played two games in Liga MX, as a starter for Pumas against Mazatlan FC and Monterrey, playing 90 minutes in each game, and he has already provided an assist.

Off the field he has already received his accreditation as a legal resident in Mexico.

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