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On FC Barcelona's website, the armband signed by the Argentine star is up for sale for 720 euros per piece, and it will be framed and will come with a certificate of authenticity

Leo Messi continues to bring money to FC Barcelona, with a collector's item now up for sale through the club's website. The item is an official Barça armband, with the flag, signed by the Argentine player, and priced is 720 euros a piece.

According to the information, the bracelet comes framed and with the certificate of authenticity, which accredits that it is genuinely signed by the player by providing details of where and when the signing of the item took place, along with a photo of Messi at the time. This is a product of Icons, an official partner of FC Barcelona and Leo Messi. Each customer can buy more than one unit, so many Barcelonistas can have such a token of the best player in the history of Barça.

Another exclusive product up for purchase is the official FC Barcelona jersey of the 21/22 season, signed by Ansu Fati. Again the shirt comes framed and with the certificate of authenticity. This too is a product of Icons, the official partner of FC Barcelona and Ansu Fati. In this case, the price is 600 euros.

Incidentally, there are a lot of rumours about Leo Messi's possible return to FC Barcelona. Joan Laporta acknowledged that he had a moral debt to him, and that he would like the story between the player and the club to have another ending and for their paths to come together again. Xavi too has spoken for the idea, that once Messi finishes his contract with PSG he may return to wear the Barça shirt.

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