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The Catalan club are predicting this figure based in part on some of the financial levers pulled

The Barça board of directors have already prepared the numbers that it must present to the Assembly of Delegates regarding the economic close of last season and the forecast for the campaign which has just begun.

The board explained that they closed with around 100 million euros of profit and -350m in negative equity.

This balance was reached after the activation of the first economic lever, the sale for 25 years of 10 per cent of LaLiga television rights to Sixth Street in exchange for 267 million euros, counting the capital gains.

Programme 'Què T'hi Jugues' has discovered, and SPORT have confirmed, that the club are expecting revenues of around 1,300 million euros for the 2022-23 season. 

This is because of the activation of two further levers, the sale of another 15 per cent of the television rights to Sixth Street for 400m euros, and 100m from the sale of 24.5 per cent of Barça Studios to These two top up the club’s ordinary activity, which should earn them around 800m euros. The board expects costs of 900m euros, with 620m on salary. 

The balance would show benefits of 400 million euros, which would cause the club's own equity to go from -350 to +50.

It could increase further if they add another 100m euros by activating a fourth lever.

They expect La Liga chief Javier Tebas to accept the deals done and audit them as Barcelona have presented them, so they won’t have to work to register new signings. 

If there are any further setbacks the fourth lever could be pulled - another 100m sale of 24.5 per cent of Barça studios. That has been authorised by the club’s assembly of delegates and approved by the board.

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