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Cold and no communication. That's how you could sum up the personal relationship between Joan Laporta and Ronald Koeman at this stage.

On the plane back from Lisbon after Barcelona's 3-0 loss to Benfica on Wednesday, the two did not speak. There was no conversation between them. They didn't exchange opinions on the game, which is to be expected given the positions they both hold at the club.

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Beyond the polite 'good night,' they didn't exchange a word, which did not go unnoticed by the players and members of staff on the plane. During the two-hour flight, Laporta spent the majority of the time sleeping. He didn't take advantage of the journey to converse with Koeman about the team's delicate form.

Both were sat in the front row on the plane. Laporta was sat with his vice president, Rafa Yuste, and Koeman with his No.2, Alfred Schreuder. Despite the closeness, though, there was distance.

The situation is irreversible.

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