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Ronald Koeman began Friday's press conference quoting Louis van Gaal. It was a wink to the former Barcelona coach's famous departure speech: "Friends of the press, congratulations, I'm going."

Koeman appeared visibly annoyed, aware of the situation regarding his future and the evident distance between him and president Joan Laporta. He also transmitted the sensation of being fed up with the press after days of seeing lists of possible replacements.

There were his most controversial lines:

Relationship with Laporta

"I've learned the president was here this morning but I've not seen him. The club have said nothing to me. I have ears, I have eyes. I already know they leak a lot of things, but they've not said anything to me."

Rating the job he's done

"I am fed up of defending myself. It makes no sense, people that know can analyse the situation of the team and the club. We've done important things despite having to make big changes at the club. There will be people that think there has been a lack of respect and think that the club must give this team time. I would like to explain myself when the day arrives."

Debate about the system

"For me it's not a question of a system, you play according to the players you have. If you don't have wingers, you have to look for the full-backs. The manager's job is to put the players in that you have. If I had money in my pocket, Messi would still be here."

A lack of respect?

"It's not necessary to answer that. What do you think?"

Best and worst moment?

"The best moment... Do I have to answer? It's as if I am gone answering this... The best was signing as Barça coach and the worst Leo Messi's departure."

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