Gavi's brilliant rise from La Masia to La Roja in 15 months

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Life is moving fast for Gavi, at 17 years old he has risen from La Masia to the Spanish national team in a period of just 15 months.

Having been given a chance to play for Barcelona by Ronald Koeman, Gavi is now in line to be selected by Luis Enrique to be part of the next Spanish squad.

If selected he could become the youngest footballer to ever play for the Spanish national team, though his story began back in 2015 when he arrived at Barcelona's academy.

Real Betis were unhappy with how the player left but since then the midfielder has done nothing but improve and develop.

Koeman charla con Gavi tras conocerse su llamada para jugar con la Absoluta.

Koeman charla con Gavi tras conocerse su llamada para jugar con la Absoluta.EFE

So meteoric has his rise through the ranks at Barcelona been, Gavi has barely passed through the Barcelona B team, playing just four games at that level.

His senior debut came in the summer against Nastic in a pre-season friendly and it was there that we began to see what kind of player Gavi could become.

Whilst Ronald Koeman's future at the Camp Nou is on a knife edge, the Dutchman can only be praised for his work with the club's younger players, with Gavi being the latest example.

You need to be a brave coach to give a 17-year-old minutes at senior level and Koeman has done just that.

There are parallels to this situation and that of Louis van Gaal and Andres Iniesta with the Dutch coach seeing something in an academy player that nobody else had noticed.


Gavi ya deslumbraba en LaLiara

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