Pique: Barcelona could've played for three hours and not scored

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After the 2-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid on Saturday, Gerard Pique admitted that Barcelona are struggling at the start of the season.

The defender feels that the team has problems across the board, but highlighted their inability to create clear chances.

"We started well, we went after them, we were brave, [then] they got on top. They scored two goals from very little and, from then on, we could've spent three hours and not scored a goal.

"The issue is difficult. It's complicated. We are suffering, I have to be honest.

"We have to keep fighting, working, rest and disconnect and come back stronger."

After Luis Suarez's goal that made it 2-0, Pique and Sergio Busquets appeared to have an argument about what had transpired.

"Lemar stole [possession], Joao Felix received the ball and Ronald [Araujo] just kept going and generated an overload because he left space," he said.

"The two goals were very similar. We will discuss them. We conceded goals nobody likes."

On the talk surrounding under-fire coach Ronald Koeman and president Joan Laporta, Pique insists the players do not get involved.

"Here, the players cannot get involved with that," he said.

"We try to follow instruction and flee from the noise."

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