FC Barcelona: More than a club or not a club at all? It's time to choose

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What's happening at Barcelona isn't only about football, it's about so much more. It's about management, legal and social structure, economics and, above all, governance. Barcelona have to decide what they want to be in the future.

Barcelona's 'mes que un club' slogan has nothing to do with the current reality. Their season ticket holders don't have shares, and they have no links to the club. The board members don't assume responsibility of obligation regarding the club's debt.

Legally, Barcelona are an association, a company. They have outdated bylaws and the way they run is outdated in modern football. The sport is now an industry, but Barcelona haven't kept up. They sign off on big decisions around player renewals and transfers without any consultation, and that doesn't work.

Is it time to move away from the 'mes que un club' idea? Some people have long predicted that the club couldn't keep competing on level terms with teams with greater resources and less financial suffering.

What if the Barcelona Foundation had a 50/60 percent share in the club? It wouldn't allow the club to fall into the wrong hands, and would allow some control over governance. This would allow them to find members who are committed to the club, but are too often forgotten at the moment.

Currently, only around 10,000 of the 200,000 members have a say and a vote. This isn't even considering the presidential election campaigns built on words and promises that are inconsistent, vague, and often misleading. It's unacceptable for a candidate to stand for election without guarantees. They should have to have guarantees before standing.

As was already said, this isn't about football anymore, nor is it about signings, salaries, nor love for the club. Surely, some players feel love for the shirt, though not all play for that reason. It's a commendable profession and it's understandable if a young man finds the pressure of being labelled a 'god' difficult. Lionel Messi was one of those who didn't feel that pressure, but he's now gone and his exit has seen revenue decrease.

If Barcelona don't remedy their issues, in. Five years they'll only be remembered in videos and stories. If they want to get back among the elite, they have to protect their roots by designing a club that does just that. They need to remember their values, their history, but allow themselves to compete as one of the world's most famous clubs.

The best act of service the current president and board could do would be to step aside and give way for someone who could come in with efficiency, trust external experts and design a new legal structure at the club, allowing Barcelona to rebuild and become the great club that they should be.

They cannot be contaminated by a toxic environment. Barcelona need to be rebuilt. It's not about love, nor gestures, but about facts, intelligence, and putting the club's interests before those of individuals.

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