James Rodriguez: The leader of nights out at Kovac's Bayern Munich

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James Rodriguez has been identified by the German press as being the instigator of Bayern Munich's nights out during their tour of the United States in 2018.

The Colombian playmaker, who is now playing in Qatar for Al-Rayyan, went against the orders of then-head coach Niko Kovac, who was just a few weeks into the job at the time.

The Bayern players asked Kovac for permission to party in Miami, yet despite his refusal they decided to do so anyway.

The night's instigators

According to Bild, it was David Alaba, Rafinha and Franck Ribery who led the revolt and organised a WhatsApp group, with the three players leaving with Kovac watching on.

Once the party was over, James Rodriguez was on the receiving end of criticism from the German press as he was viewed as the leader of the night out and was in charge of sharing the pictures.

The players did not return to the hotel until gone 6am and, although they understood that a punishment was coming their way from Kovac, Bild claim that he never mentioned the issue and from that point on the squad never had any respect for him.

In fact, the Bayern squad's respect for Kovac was so low that they decided to party at least once more in Miami before leaving.

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