Testicular amputation blamed on TV show: The details of former footballer Thorsten Legat's accident

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Thorsten Legat, a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup champion with Werder Bremen in 1992, will have to have a testicular amputation following an accident during a diving TV programme called 'RTL Turmsprung'.

The 53-year-old former footballer, who has starred in various TV quizzes, injured himself in June when he jumped from a three-metre-high diving board in Berlin's Europasportpark.

The impact with the water was so strong that Thorsten Legat suffered a serious injury to his testicle, which burst open.

Bild reports that Legat was diagnosed with a torn testicle, a haematoma and a bladder infection at a urological examination, and was told he'd have to undergo a testicular amputation in mid-August.

Legat has now opened up on the appearance on the TV show and the incident.

"I did a few jumps, then fell into the water," he said.

"Unfortunately, my scrotum was very swollen and the testicle was damaged, almost the size of a swollen balloon.

"I'm going to have a testicular implant, like a breast implant. Luckily, it doesn't hurt anymore."

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