Premier League clubs impose their strength on Matchday 4 of the Champions League

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The fiscal advantage held by Premier League clubs over the rest of Europe is no secret, the English top flight's finest imposed their strength on the pitch in matchday 4 of the Champions League.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool all avoided defeat, with the latter three actually taking all three points from their own match.

United struggled away to Atalanta but were rescued once again in injury time by the ageless Cristiano Ronaldo.

Liverpool, City and Chelsea, though, were on another level and all three clubs eased to victories against Atletico Madrid, Club Brugge and Malmo, respectively.

Despite the impressive group phase displays from Juventus, Ajax and Bayern Munich, there is a sense that the English teams are going to be the strongest as we move towards the knockout round.

With the exception of United, you could make a very real case for any of the other three teams to end up lifting the famous trophy at the end of the season.

Even if the matches that the Premier League teams have lost this year, they have perhaps been the better performing side.

Pep Guardiola's Manchester City fell to a 2-0 defeat away to PSG, but had 54 percent possession, 18 shots and seven on target compared to the six and three for the French club.

Chelsea lost 1-0 away to Juventus but had 73 percent possession, 16 shots although only one of which was on target, but once again there is a clear pattern to the play of the Premier League team.

LaLiga Santander is close behind England with five teams in the tournament courtesy of Villarreal's Europa League win last term, but then there is a significant drop in France for example, who have just two representatives in the tournament this year.

It's clear that the Champions League has some parity issues, with the richest clubs appearing to have the strongest teams, at least the well-run ones anyway, but it says a lot that Spanish clubs have already registered five draws and seven defeats, which is way more than their Premier League counterparts.

In terms of goals, English clubs have scored 42 in total and conceded just 20, whilst the Spanish contingent have scored a paltry 27 to 24 conceded. Gone are the days of dominance for Barcelona and Real Madrid of the 2010s.

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