Ancelotti believes Real Madrid's second-leg comeback against Man City has already begun

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A few days ago there was a debate, which for many was absurd, about whether or not Real Madrid should celebrate the possible LaLiga Santander title win in the middle of the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City.

One person had no doubts and that was Carlo Ancelotti, seconded by his players.

The Italian coach was clear from the moment Rayo Vallecano won at Camp Nou and said it from the microphone in Cibeles.

"Let's go for it on Wednesday," Ancelotti said.

He knows like few others about the magic of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, the communion between the fans and the team, and he had no doubt that the first steps towards the second-leg comeback against Pep Guardiola's side had to be taken on Saturday afternoon by celebrating the title at Cibeles.

Ancelotti cleared up any doubts that might have existed at the club when asked about whether or not to hold the celebration. He did not hesitate for a second.

And not only for the reason of starting to prepare for the match against Manchester City with the encouragement of the fans, but also because of the enormous work that goes into winning a league title.

The warmth of the fans

Ancelotti wanted the players, the coaching staff and all the employees around the Real Madrid first team to feel the warmth and closeness of the fans and to begin to feel the communion that exists between the players, the club and the supporters.

There is a lot at stake on Wednesday and the final is not so far away, as was reflected in the first leg.

The 62-year-old is aware of the difficulty of the task, but the feelings and scenes experienced on Saturday afternoon with a large part of the city of Madrid celebrating the title will remain in the minds of the players who take to the Bernabeu pitch on Wednesday night, regardless of the colour of their shirt.

Moreover, from the start, Ancelotti has maintained that a bit of joy and a bit of partying never hurt anyone.

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