Florentino Perez: Our journey in the Champions League has made all fans of good football fall in love with Real Madrid

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Florentino Perez has sent a letter to Real Madrid's members to thank them for their support throughout the season and to celebrate the treble of titles won this season with the Champions League, LaLiga Santander and the Supercopa de Espana.

The Real Madrid president highlighted above all the admiration the team has provoked around the world, and praised the work of Carlo Ancelotti and the players.

"I want to share with you the joy that all of us Madridistas have at this exciting time for our club. The 14th European Cup won by our team in Paris once again adds to the history and legend of Real Madrid," he began.

"This European Cup is now unforgettable and will be forever in the hearts and memories of all the Madridistas in every corner of the world. But the road we have travelled to achieve it has not only provoked the greatest pride in Madrid fans, but has also made all fans of good football fall in love with them.

"Our team have given their all in every game, led by a coach like Carlo Ancelotti who, as well as making history with his trophy haul, is a reference point for the values of our club.

"These players, many of them having won their fifth European Cup, are a credit to our crest and our shirt. But none of this would have happened without the support, strength and unity of our members and fans who, once again, have been essential in the quest for victory. Their exemplary behaviour and their conviction that, with this crest we will never give up, has earned the admiration of the football and sporting world.

"I would therefore like to convey to you, on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, our deepest gratitude. Without your encouragement all this would not have been possible."

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