Ceferin: The Super League is dead because nobody wants to take part in it

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has discussed the ongoing feud between European football's governing body the clubs pushing for the Super League's formation.

After stressing that UEFA have no intentions of being a monopoly, he expressed his belief that no team, apart from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, are willing to participate in the Super League project.

"I will say that UEFA is not a monopoly," Ceferin told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"You are free to be in it or not. You can participate in our cups or organise your own. But then, it's logical that you don't play in ours, isn't it?

"Whatever the decision of the court, nothing changes - the Super League is dead because nobody wants to participate. I only see three people angry with everyone, taking everyone to court."

His relationship with Florentino

Ceferin also discussed his relationship with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who is heading the Super League project.

"I was with Florentino Perez and I respected the protocol, UEFA is not my property," added Ceferin.

"In the final in Paris, we were side by side. We congratulated each other, but that's all."

On good terms with Al-Khelaifi

The UEFA president also admitted that he maintains a good relationship with his European Club Association and Paris Saint-Germain counterpart, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

"My good relationship is not with PSG, but with the president of the ECA," noted Ceferin.

"He is one of those who understood and defended the European model, unlike other European [clubs'] presidents."

More games

Ceferin also stressed that it's not UEFA but the presidents of the European Federations and clubs who ask for more games.

"It's easy to always attack UEFA and FIFA, but it is simple: if you play less, you get paid less," Ceferin declared.

"The ones who should be complaining are the factory workers who get paid a thousand euros a month."

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