Son and Kane could prosper like Lukaku and Lautaro under Conte

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A change of coach often means a change of style and a change in fortune for certain players. Two beneficiaries of Antonio Conte's arrival at Tottenham Hotspur could be the potential new strike partnership of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min.

Conte famously favours a 3-5-2, a departure from Nuno Espirito Santo's 4-2-3-1 and the switch could breath fresh life into a stale Spurs attack.

The usually prolific Kane has just one Premier League goal this season, while Son leads the way with four. The key to success going forward could be getting them working alongside each other, rather than the Korean starting wide or deeper.

Last season, Conte ended Juventus' domination of Serie A, leading Inter to a first title in over a decade. He did that playing 3-5-2 and with a deadly strike duo of Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, who racked up 40 Serie A goals between them.

In this parallel, Son would be Lautaro and Kane, Lukaku. While, Conte has other options and has been flexible in the past, twisting his formation to become more of a 3-4-3, for example, it will likely be hard to resist the Kane-Son pairing.

That should be good news for Spurs fans for various reasons. Firstly, Kane won't be so isolated up front, which has been a problem of late.

Secondly, it means that when Kane does drop deeper to link-up play, as he tends to and will probably continue to do under Conte, it shouldn't leave Spurs without any presence further forward. That was the way Conte encouraged Lukaku to play and the Belgian took his game to another level.

Bad news for wingers

Where there are winners, there are losers and that could be the case for players like Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura and Bryan Gil.

As Conte tends to play with wing backs and not wingers, they could find game time hard to come by. There could be minutes to be had in attack, especially if on occasion the Italian does go for a 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1, but if the Kane-Son partnership works out then it is hard to see where such players fit into the system on a regular basis.

Lucas has played in a more central role before and could perhaps provide back up for Son, but for a natural, old-school winger like Bryan, Conte's arrival might not be the best news.

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