Watch: Everton fans set off fireworks outside Chelsea hotel

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Everton fans are doing their best to aid the club’s bid for Premier League survival, with fans letting off early-morning fireworks outside Chelsea’s hotel before greeting the Toffees’ team bus to Goodison Park with a passionate display of support.

Followers of the Merseyside outfit gathered outside their stadium hours before kick-off on Sunday, with it decided that a show of unity was required in order to try and inspire those that have to take to the field.

Thomas Tuchel’s visitors could be forgiven for feeling a little bleary-eyed when they lock horns with a club stuck inside the top-flight drop zone, with the Blues struggling to get a good night’s sleep while out on the road.

Watch Everton fans set off fireworks outside Chelsea hotel

— Kaehian Simmonds (@KAEHIAN_B_S)

Watch Everton fans light flares outside Goodison Park

Toffees fans turned the air blue, but in a good way, when assembling in the streets around Goodison Park.

A number of flares were set off, with Frank Lampard’s side made fully aware when arriving at their home ground that those in the stands are ready to play their part in creating an intimidating atmosphere.

— Tony Scott (@Tony_Scott11) — Tony Scott (@Tony_Scott11)

Will Everton be playing Premier League football in 2022-23?

Founder members of both the Football League and Premier League have not suffered relegation in 71 years.

They are, however, in serious danger of taking a tumble this season after finding form hard to come by.

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Rafa Benitez paid the price for those struggles with his job, leading to former Chelsea boss Lampard being appointed in his place.

He has just six games in which to try and see the Toffees safe, with it imperative that they harness the passion being shown in the stands and use it to establish late momentum.

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