Woman who posted photo in bed with Andy Carroll: I didn't know him, he's hardly Jack Grealish or Marcus Rashford

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Taylor Jane Wilkey, who last week posted a selfie of her in bed with English striker Andy Carroll and another woman, says she had no idea who he was, stating he is "hardly Jack Grealish".

Photos emerged of a shirtless Carroll flaked by two blondes on a bed during his stag do last week in Dubai. However one of the woman in question, Taylor, insists nothing sexual happened between them.

"To be honest we didn't know Andy Carroll was even part of the group when we first met them," Taylor told The Sun. "All the lads seemed to be in PR or marketing, or had their own business, no one mentioned football.

"But then we realised it was Andy, I didn't realise how well known he was, he's hardly Jack Grealish or Marcus Rashford.

"He came over to chat to us and asked what we did, he seemed nice, a gentleman.

"But at no point did anyone mention it was a stag do, we were told it was a lads' holiday. I didn't know he was getting married."

The incident enraged Carroll's fiancee Billi Mucklow and Taylor took it upon herself to apologise to Carroll's wife-to-be.

"I'm sorry, Billi, I know how it looks, but we didn't have sex," Taylor said. "She needs to know nothing sexual happened between me and Andy, I swear.

"He was a gentleman, he just had so much to drink and passed out on the bed. He didn't try anything. Even if he had wanted to, he was too drunk.

"I should never have got myself in that situation, but nothing untoward happened.

"I just feel bad for taking photos. It was all meant to be a joke because Andy was so drunk, we were just having a laugh."

It is unclear if Carroll's impeding wedding will go ahead, though sources close to the couple state that Mucklow is prepared to keep her family together.

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