‘He called me a wh*re’ – Haaland wins Milosevic battle

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Erling Haaland bagged a brace for Norway in their 2-1 UEFA Nations League victory over Sweden, with the Manchester City-bound striker having the last laugh in a heated battle with Alexander Milosevic that he claims saw a talkative rival call him “a wh*re” and threaten to break his legs.

A prolific frontman that is heading to the Premier League this summer netted either side of half-time in Stockholm on Sunday to help his side to three welcome points against Scandinavian neighbours.

The 21-year-old displayed his predatory instincts once again when converting from the penalty spot and claiming a well-taken second, with supposed battle cries from Swedish defender Milosevic shaken off to ensure that it was Norway celebrating at the final whistle.

What did Milosevic say to Haaland?

Haaland has told TV2 of his on-field exchanges with former Nottingham Forest star Milosevic: “First he called me a wh*re. I can safely say that I am not.

“Secondly, he said he was going to break my legs, a minute-and-a-half later I scored. That was fine, that.”

Norway team-mate Leo Skiri Ostigard added on the alleged interaction between combative defender and hot-shot striker: “That’s the dumbest thing to do.

“To fire up Erling – I’ve tried to do it in training, and I’ll never do it again. It’s something he likes, and then it slams fast behind you.”

What did Milosevic say about his exchange with Haaland?

The 30-year-old centre-half has denied Haaland’s accusations, insisting that he never interacted with the Norway superstar during a keenly-fought contest.

Milosevic has said of the “wh*re” comment claims: “I would not have said that.

“It is quite rude to say what he says, because I do not speak Norwegian and he does not speak Swedish, so I do not know how we should communicate. I do not speak English on the pitch, so it is special that he says things I have not said.”

Pressed further on whether he argued with Haaland at any stage, Milosevic added: “No, not really, to be completely honest. I have played matches where I have been more annoyed.”

The Swedish defender then went on to state that Haaland is not the best player he has come up against, with a man currently plying his trade at AIK claiming that a forward leaving Borussia Dortmund is not even close to topping a list of most difficult opponents.

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