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The Brazilian is enjoying himself at Aston Villa and coach Gerrard would love to keep him

For Philippe Coutinho, returning to the Premier League was just what he needed. The forward is doing well there with Aston Villa, scoring and assisting and enjoying himself under Steven Gerrard.

Arsenal are still interested in him, and may battle Villa for the Brazilian. There is a clause in Coutinho’s loan deal to Villa that allow them to buy him for 40m euros.

Gerard says it may be complicated for the club do that, but he is delighted with Coutinho.

"I think you all know what my decision would be. I think you all know what I think of him but this is not as straightforward as people think. There is obviously an option in place, Barcelona still own the player,” said the Englishman recently.

“Phil has got to obviously want to be here in terms of the big picture but he is enjoying his football and looks happy and settled. I know the owners are very ambitious, so we will just analyse it as we go along. But if it was totally on me and it was my cash you know what I would do."

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