eFootball 2022 quickly becomes most-hated game as PES rebrand slated by fans

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Gaming fans had high hopes for the latest offering from Konami Digital Entertainment after seeing the company take a year out of a power battle with FIFA to transform PES, but its rebrand has flopped as eFootball 2022 has quickly become the most-hated game on review site Steam250.

Critics have been quick to slate clunky graphics and a distinct lack of realism, with some accusing Konami of conspiring to create “the worst football game” the genre has ever seen.

Having skipped a release in 2021 to focus on a relaunch, this is not how things were supposed to play out for a long-running franchise that once topped the market and acquired a legion of loyal followers.

What has gone wrong for eFootball?

Some 7,000 reviews of eFootball 2022 have been posted on Steam250, with only 1,600 of those including anything positive.

That equates to a rating of roughly eight per cent, which is more than enough to position the game at the top of an unwanted chart.

The game is free-to-play, with Konami taking a different approach to the one currently being favoured by rivals FIFA, but there has been little to shout about on the back of a September 29 release.

What has been said about eFootball 2022?

— Epic Pes (@EpicPes)

Gamers have been pulling no punches in their assessment of Konami’s disappointing product, with some scathing reviews appearing online.

One reviewer states that eFootball 2022 is a “psychological horror game” that forces users to “consider breaking the keyboard or throwing the controller out the window”.

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Others have been picking holes in “atrocious graphics”, with many characters bearing little or no resemblance to the players that they are intended to portray.

There are also plenty of glitch clips to be found on social media, with a number of shots being fired in the direction of a release that was supposed to be bulletproof.

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