'Andros Townsend must be lazy!' - Ben Godfrey jokes over Everton team-mate's FIFA 22 rating

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Ben Godfrey has joked that Andros Townsend must be lazy when it comes to defending given the rating he has been given on FIFA 22. 

Townsend has been given an overall rating of 77 but his defence rating is just 38, something Godfrey said his team-mate was not overly happy with. 

So, who in the team was happy with their rating, and what did the centre-back make of his score this time round?

Who at Everton is most disappointed with their FIFA 22 rating?

Godfrey himself has enjoyed an upgrade. But, what about his team-mates? Was there anyone left disappointed with this season’s rating?

“I don’t know if anyone’s too disappointed,” Godfrey told Goal. “I spoke to Andros (Townsend) earlier and he’s got 38 defending so he’s either lazy or it’s wrong, so I don’t think he was too happy with that.”

So what’s his verdict on his team-mate’s low defensive score? “I want to say lazy,” Godfrey, speaking ahead of the FIFA 22 launch, joked. “But, I think that would be a bit unfair to him because he’s a grafter to be fair.” 

Who is the best FIFA player at Everton?

“I’d say Jordan Pickford or Mason Holgate, those two are definitely up there,” the centre-back said. 

But how do they compare to him? 

“I don’t want to say they’re better than me,” he joked. “But they’re of a good standard and they give me a good game.”

What does Godfrey make of his own FIFA 22 rating? 

And what about his own rating? He’s seen an overall upgrade on his rating from 72 to 77 but he’s most happy that his pace rating has been increased from 72 to 83. 

“I’ve got no complaints, quite a lot of the stats have improved from previous seasons so I’ve got to be happy with it I think, especially the pace,” he said.

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“I think that’s more respectable than last year. The past couple of years I’ve been disrespected with pace I think so I’m happy to see that in the 80s.”

Godfrey was speaking ahead of the launch of EA SPORTS FIFA 22 which is out NOW on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and all other platforms. To order your copy, head here.

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