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Former PSG player and RMC Sport collaborator Jerome Rothen is one of the most critical voices in his homeland when it comes to the capital club. And he has not bitten his tongue on Neymar.

The Brazilian has suffered a lot of criticism this season and more after saying that he said the 2022 World Cup would be his last and he doesn’t know how much longer he can handle the game.

“Neymar is a great player when he’s in form,” said Rothen. “The problem is that he’s in a bad spell. And that is a terrible comment for PSG. He lacks morale, hope.”

Rothen also wonders whether he is more committed to Brazil. “It’s the love he has for Brazil, to try and win a World Cup. His last chance in his career. I but I should remind him of his homework. When you are a player of this level, that you are an emblematic figure of a club for four years, signing on for five more years, and deciding to end your career at PSG, you can’t say that. He will have to face his responsibilities.”

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