Bernard Tapie, the man Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to emulate at PSG, passes away aged 78

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Successful businessman, minister, singer, presenter, actor and also prisoner Bernard Tapie had a remarkable life of extremes before he passed away aged 78 on Sunday.

Born in Paris in 1943 to a working-class family, he studied electrical engineering and rose to fame as a singer. He tried a career as a driver in Formula Three, then set up a business known as Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT) to save companies from bankruptcy. He handled companies like France's first private television channel, TF1, racquet brand Donnay and Adidas, who he owned 78 percent of.

In the 1980s he became famous on television, setting up a cycling team in 1984 and then becoming the owner of Marseille in 1986.

European Cup winner

In 1991, his club were defeated by Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup final, only to return two years later to beat AC Milan and win the title.

That's what PSG and Nasser Al-Khelaifi are currently look to do, as no other French side has ever won the European Cup.

He was also a politician, backed by socialist president Francois Mitterrand.

However, legal issues saw his ownership of Adidas embargoed and, in 1994, he was banned from operating Marseille as a club.

They didn't halt as he was fined 400 million euros in 2008 for fraud, while he was also in prison between February and July of 1997 for his role in some companies going bankrupt.

In 2001, he briefly returned to run Marseille, clashing with Spanish coach Javier Clemente.

"I've known every atmosphere, business, show business, sport, but nothing is as repugnant as politics," he told Le Parisien in 2013.

On Sunday, the stomach cancer which he revealed in 2017 finally got the better of him, and Tapie passed away.

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