Veronique Rabiot speaks out: The 'dispute' with Mbappe's family, her authoritarian character...

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Always close to her son Adrien Rabiot, Veronique has been criticised for several controversial moments that have taken place during the Juventus midfielder's career.

Also serving as Rabiot's agent, she has been criticised for her attitude towards coaches, clubs and media, as well as her influence on her son's decisions.

"Everyone makes mistakes throughout their lives," she said in an interview for 'Ouest-France'.

"People don't realise that footballers are teenagers when they begin [their careers], that they have to grow up as men. They are not robots.

"In Italy, the press says [Rabiot] is bad. He doesn't care about that and he plays every game. I would like everyone to know what it takes for a footballer to reach the highest level.

"All they say is: 'They're very well paid' and so on. But people don't know how much sacrifice and mental toughness it takes.

"The image of the child with his mother does not reflect reality at all. I am an authoritarian person, it is true. But not what is described in the media."

Veronique also referred to the incident between her and Kylian Mbappe's family that took place in France's game against Switzerland in the 2020 European Championship.

At the time, Le Parisien revealed that Veronique told Mbappe's father Wilfred to "give his son a talk" after the PSG forward missed the last penalty of the kick-out that saw France get eliminated from the tournament, while French media also reported that there was confrontation between Rabiot's mother and Pogba's relatives.

"I can't speak about [the incident], there is a procedure underway," said Veronique.

"Now, when there is defamation, invasion of intimacy or insults, I go to court."

The media

Veronique also indicated why she believes that media are constantly criticising her for her attitude.

"I think it has to do with the fact that we don't talk to journalists enough," she stressed.

"So they lament us. But I have a thick skin. I have nothing to prove, we have nothing to prove.

"Adrien plays football, it's his passion and outside the pitch he would like to lead a discreet life. He does not want to give explanations or justify himself."

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