Raul's helping hand to hone Castilla's young talent

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Real Madrid Castilla have not had the best of starts in this season's Primera RFEF Group 2. With three points more than Real Betis' B team, who are currently on the verge of relegation, Raul Gonzalez's side are struggling.

Despite these struggles, Castilla's fans still find a way to be excited week after week.

Players such as Peter Carmona, Sergio Arribas, Antonio Blanco and Marvin Park are all special talents playing under the tutorship of Raul.

The Castilla boss is in charge of some very promising young talents that will soon hope to progress from the Primera RFEF and make a claim to feature in the Real Madrid first team.

When facing Villarreal B, who currently sit at the top of the table, Raul played a starting eleven with an average age of 19.5 years old, with only one player aged 21 years old in Mario Gila, as well as a 17-year-old Juvenil B player in Mario Martin.

Raul's side won the match 2-1, alleviating the pressure of being so low in the table off the shoulders of the coach a little.

The innocence of youth

The youth is noticeable, however, especially in away games, as Raul's side have lost five games away from home against Balompedica Linense, UCAM Murcia, Albacete, Cornella and Atletico Sanluqueno. In comparison, the youngsters have not yet faced a loss at home.

But aside from the results, one of the most exciting things about this side is that it is a side full of promising talents, many of whom will go on to feature for the Real Madrid first team in the years to come.

Real Madrid's youth progression hasn't had too much said of it in recent years, but it appears all of that is changing for the better.

Raul is doing what any first-team coach would want him to: prepare players to be ready and excited for when they show up at the door of the first team.

This, however, is not new, and it is Carlo Ancelotti's job to let the players through the door. In recent years, players like Miguel Baeza, Alvaro Fidalgo, Fran Garcia and Victor Chust have all tried to make it at the club, but they have not been able to find a way in.

Now that Real Madrid's squad seems less hectic and with less urgent problems than that of Barcelona, for example, it may be difficult for the youth to push their way into Ancelotti's squad.

However, Raul is doing his best to prepare these players for the seasons to come, when Ancelotti looks down at his B team options and inevitably calls up those promising talents that show a future at the club.

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