Alaba's perfect decade: 10 league titles in a row

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On April 6, 2013, Bayern Munich beat Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0. Then, the Bundesliga went back to Bayern's trophy cabinet after two seasons with Borussia Dortmund.

It was Jupp Heynckes' team that went on to win the treble and in which a 20-year-old Austrian had taken over at left-back. It was David Alaba.

Now, dressed in white instead of red and with the No.4 on his back instead of his old No. 27, Alaba is a LaLiga Santander champion for the first time, extending his perfect record in league seasons to a decade.

Since 2013, Germany has known no other champions than Bayern. Of that squad, in which Alaba won the title alongside Toni Kroos, only Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller remain in Munich.

With Bayern now champions for the 10th time in a row, Alaba joins his former teammates in putting the name of Ljubomir Fejsa behind him.

The Serbian, now without a club after an unsuccessful return to Partizan, set a milestone by winning nine consecutive league titles.

Immediate impact

Alaba's signing falls into that rare category at Real Madrid of one that has had a quick and effective adaptation.

From his experience at Bayern, his arrival at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu has been in perfect and complete harmony with the club and the fans.

The image of him with his chair in the air after the comeback against Paris Saint-Germain has already become an iconic image for the Real Madrid fans.

A challenge of scoring at home

With the Bernabeu won over by what he has shown this season, Alaba still doesn't know what it's like to score at his home stadium.

His three goals this season have come away from the capital (scoring at the Camp Nou, in Tiraspol and in Pamplona).

Until last season, he had always scored at least one goal in front of his home fans. That was broken in his last year at Bayern, in which he scored twice away from home.

Seeing the way Alaba behaves, it is hard to imagine what he will do the day he scores in front of a fan base that has taken very little time to take to him.

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