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Perez has spoken about Madrid's failed move for the Frenchman

Mbappe turned down Los Blancos in order to renew at PSG

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has spoken to El Chiringuito, touching on the club's ultimately failed pursuit of Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe.

Madrid bid almost €200 million for Mbappe last summer and, after PSG turned that down, they were expected to sign the France international for free this year when his contract expires.

However, Mbappe instead decided to sign a new deal with PSG, much to the disappointment of Perez.

"He didn't betray me," the Madrid chief said. "He transmitted his dream of playing for Real Madrid. It's true. Last August, PSG didn't want to sell. We waited a year and he was still saying the same."

However, Perez says the pressure from his homeland, where French politicians got involved, changed the course of Mbappe's future.

"Fifteen days before, the situation changed because of political pressure and money," Perez added. "He did what he felt was easiest. He changed.

"We don't have to go over it anymore. Due to the pressure, he must have changed his dreams. He is very young, pressure affects us all, but especially younger people. It doesn't make any sense that the president of the country called him... That influenced him a lot, I am sure.

"After the pressure, he was another player. No one in Madrid is above the club, as Di Stefano said. We have values that cannot be changed. I still have affection for Mbappe, but the circumstances changed. I think his mum wanted him to go to Madrid because it was his dream when he was young. And mothers always want the best for their kids.

"Madrid fans are a bit disappointed, but the Mbappe that I wanted was the one with the dram... Sign him in three years? I don't know. This Mbappe is not the same one. I don't want a player that refuses to do a sponsor's event with their national team. I believed he had a dream, but sometimes they can't be realised because of external causes."

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