Dybala won't renew with Juventus: Argentine will be a free agent in June

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In what is likely to be one of the more surprising moves to impact the summer transfer market, it became clear on Monday that Paulo Dybala will not be signing a contract extension with Juventus, and he will indeed be a free agent in June.

Whilst the basis of an agreement was found between Dybala and the Bianconeri at the beginning of the season, a contract was never signed.

Once Juventus made the fiscal commitment to sign Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina, they then intimated to Dybala that their previously agreed upon salary was no longer something they could honour.

A meeting took place on Monday to try and find a way forward between the two parties, but Pavel Nedved and Juventus couldn't find common ground with Dybala's representatives, according to MARCA sources.

The initial agreement was for a base salary of eight million euros per year, with two further million euros that were reachable through performance objectives being met.

However, this agreement was broken by Juventus and their latest offer to the Argentine was a deal worth seven million euros per year, but for only three years, which was less than the four Dybala wants.

What isn't yet clear is just where Dybala will go next, with the player having three months to decide unless something dramatic changes behind the scenes at Juventus.

He is a player with an incredible reputation, but a rather questionable injury record, and this could rule out Real Madrid and Barcelona who have looked at him in the past.

The most talked about destination in Italy is Inter, with Giuseppe Marotta known to be able to strike fantastic deals with former Juventus personnel, however how he would fit into the 3-5-2 formation Simone Inzaghi plays is a potential problem.

He has huge admirers in England with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United having both tried to sign him in the past, although Spurs have a renewed chance given the fact Fabio Paratici is their current Director of Football, who knows Dybala well from their time together in Turin.

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