Marotta: Juventus could have signed Haaland for two million euros

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Giuseppe Marotta has worked in football for a long time, but even he still sometimes makes mistakes and misses a bargain when presented with one.

During Erling Haaland's time at Molde, Marotta and Juventus were offered the forward's services for just two million euros, but didn't take advantage of the situation.

Instead, Haaland went on to Red Bull Salzburg before joining Borussia Dortmund, where he has become arguably Europe's most lethal striker.

"One of my biggest regrets was a deal for Haaland," Marotta told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I was at Juventus and we had the opportunity to sign him for two million euros from Molde. We were close.

"Now it's impossible to see Haaland playing in Serie A. Italian clubs have absolutely no chance of signing him next summer."

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