Dembele is a new player and Xavi deserves a lot of the credit

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Ousmane Dembele had become a problem for Barcelona and was easy prey for many critics.

He had failed to live up to the expectations he had created with his 140 million euro signing, while his injuries and poor timekeeping fuelled that criticism.

Last season, there was also the ugly campaign against him because of his high salary and the contract talks.

He was an easy target, but then Xavi arrived and the coach, against all odds, opted for the Frenchman.

From day one, he stood against the misgivings of a board of directors who wanted to see him leave as soon as possible, meaning he ultimately stayed.

His improvement has been clear in recent times and now Dembele is the top assister in the team.

Xavi has believed in him, so much so that he managed to secure the Frenchman's renewal during the summer, and now he is reaping the rewards.

Against Real Sociedad, Dembele even scored a goal, fixing the main issue he still had to improve in his game.

Against Real Valladolid, he then played well again and created chances, even hitting the post. He is getting better and better.

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