Barcelona can terminate Lewandowski's contract if he doesn't play enough games

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Robert Lewandowski has adapted seamlessly to Barcelona, with a fantastic start to the season.

The Poland international has scored five goals in the four LaLiga Santander games played, in which he has started all of them.

However, Barcelona have secured a clause in his contract that gives them the option to terminate his contract in the fourth year if he plays less than 55 per cent of the matches in the third year.

Que t'hi jugues has revealed some of the details of the contract of Lewandowski, who this summer signed a deal with Barcelona until June 2026.

The striker is in excellent form, but the club's directors wanted to ensure that if he does not maintain a certain level or is unable to participate in a certain number of games, that they can rescind his contract.

Lewandowski's contract with Barcelona

The same outlet has also revealed how much the former Bayern Munich player will earn. This season he will have a net salary of 10 million euros, in the 2023/24 season it will rise to 13 million euros and in the 24/25 season to 16 million euros.

In the last season, 25/26, if he stays, his salary will drop to 13 million euros. But in addition, there will also be conditional bonuses for titles, ranging from 300,000 euros for winning LaLiga to one million for winning the treble.

Winning the Copa del Rey alone does not trigger any extra bonus, it must be combined with either of the other two trophies: LaLiga and/or Champions League.

Barcelona sealed the signing of Lewandowski for 45 million plus five million in variables. The player's arrival was a joint decision of the board and the coaching staff. Xavi is delighted with the addition of the Pole.

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