Xavi: If I didn't dream of winning this year's Champions League then I'd go home

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Xavi Hernandez has analysed Barcelona's situation in the hours leading up to their 2022/23 Champions League opener against Czech side Viktoria Plzen.

The Barcelona coach may not consider his team as one of the favourites, but he recognises that the ambition and objective is to win the continental trophy.

Xavi: It's a very difficult groupAP

"We're going to compete and dream of winning it, otherwise I'd go home and be with my family," he said when asked to discuss the Blaugrana's chances.

"I want to win. I can't conceive of competing without winning.

"But, we have to be careful about saying we're favourites. It's a complicated group."

Barcelona will be up against Viktoria Plzen as well as Bayern Munich and Inter, so Xavi is right to focus first and foremost on getting out of the group, something Barcelona didn't manage last season.

The team have also had some other high-profile failures in recent years in the Champions League, such as throwing away a lead against Liverpool and being beaten 8-2 by Bayern Munich.

"Every game is different, it's not the same with Liverpool as it was in Munich," Xavi said.

"We will try not to repeat that and we'll try to compete.

"The competition is extremely demanding. We want to compete until the end to win it."

Xavi discusses rotations

The coach also confirmed that there will be some rotations ahead of this game.

"There will be some changes as there's fatigue, the Sevilla game was a war," he said.

"But, Marcos Alonso and Hector Bellerin aren't ready yet. They need a few more sessions."

Xavi discusses Dembele's improvement

A player who will be hoping to make a major impact in the tournament this year is Ousmane Dembele, who has finally found consistent fitness and, therefore, some great form.

"I am part of this change, but I haven't seen change, I've always seen him happy and content," the coach said.

"I've been honest with him, when he's played well and when he hasn't.

"For me he can be key. I see he is happy. I am part of his happiness, but he has been the key."

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