Braithwaite has officially left Barcelona, with the club rescinding his contract

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Another player has departed Barcelona, with Martin Braithwaite having had his contract rescinded on deadline day.

He had had two years remaining on his Barcelona contract and was holding out for a five million euro payment, but it isn't clear exactly how much Barcelona have paid him to end his deal early.

In any case, Barcelona will save some money on salary by moving him out of the club now, as the player had been earning 7m euros of salary.

"Barcelona and Martin Braithwaite have reached an agreement to terminate the contact binding the player to the club until the end of the 2023/24 season," the club said in the statement announced his exit.

"Barcelona publicly expresses its gratitude to Braithwaite for his commitment and dedication and wishes him the best of fortune and every success in the future."

Braithwaite is set to sign for Espanyol

The Danish forward is now expected to join city rivals Espanyol as a free agent, with that likely to be announced in the coming hours.

Braithwaite had been reluctant to leave Barcelona, even after Xavi explained he wasn't in the plans for 2022/23, and one of the reasons given was that his family was settled in Catalonia.

By moving across the city, the family won't have to move and Braithwaite can earn more playing time ahead of the World Cup.


He expressed his thanks to Barcelona fans in a social media post, reminding them of his contributions to the 2020/21 Copa del Rey win with one of the photos.

"It's been an honour to represent this club, I have always given my best for the fans and the club and I will forever be grateful for the support shown," he said.

He had been whistled by some fans at the Gamper Trophy match, because of the media reports over his refusal to leave. 2019/20

Now, the Braithwaite era at Barcelona has come to an end. He arrived halfway through the 2019/20 season from Leganes for 18m euros as an emergency signing and scored 10 goals in 58 appearances for the club.

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