Barcelona won't enter the race for Endrick

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Palmeiras striker Endrickis just 16 years old, but he is already causing quite the sensation as the race for his signature amongst Europe's elite clubs hots up.

One team not in the running, however, is Barcelona, who feel they cannot afford to consider a deal of this kind with their present financial situation.

That is despite Xavi Hernandez's comments a few days ago in Qatar revealing that there had been contact made regarding the teenage attacker.

The Blaugrana head coach didn't hide his interest in the Brazilian wonderkid, but the club simply cannot countenance a bid of 60-million euros, which is what Palmeiras have set his release fee at.

Endrick controla un balón en un partido con su equipo.

Endrick controla un balón en un partido con su equipo.EFE

Endrick's trips

While Barcelona's interest may be unrealistic, it has certainly been real and the club even had Endrick over to visit their facilities and stadium.

The idea was to leave him open to a possible offer, but it appears that no such offer is likely to materialise.

However, the Catalan club are not the only team who have been courting the youngster, who is also known to have been in Madrid, Paris and London.

No prizes for guessing that Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and, especially, Real Madrid, are all keen on signing him.

The waiting game

Barcelona cannot get involved in the race right now, so their only hope is that the player and his club decide to wait until 2024 before making any agreements.

The player in any case cannot sign for an overseas club until July 2024 when he turns 18.

However, the Blaugrana will be under no illusions that the other pretenders will not be hanging around waiting until then and will instead make efforts to secure a deal in principle well in advance of the eventual transfer.

Joan Laporta y Mateu Alemany.

Joan Laporta y Mateu Alemany.EFE

Barcelona hope they might be able to make a bid in 2024, but other clubs are already talking to Palmeiras now.

We have seen in the past how these sorts of deals work. Real Madrid's signings of Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo are the perfect examples, with the transfers being agreed at least a year in advance of the eventual moves.

Financial Fair Play problems

Barcelona's financial issues aren't limited to their frustrated pursuit of Endrick, of course, and there is plenty of doubt surrounding what shape they will be in come the summer 2023 transfer window.

Big signings could be off the table for a while.

It is against that backdrop that the club must try to make one of their most difficult and crucial signings in recent years: a replacement for Sergio Busquets is needed, but there is a shrinking budget to do so with.

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