When will Lewandowski be back? Barcelona calm but won't rush the striker

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He could return against Athletic Club at San Mames on March 12 but won't be risked

Robert Lewandowski suffered, according to the medical report issued by Barcelona, "an overload in the biceps femoris of the left hamstring." The statement went on to say that "he is out and his evolution will determine his availability."

It is not, therefore, an injury, but a possible prelude to suffering one. That is why Barça are going to take extreme precautions to ensure that the Polish striker returns to the team when he is 100%, without taking the slightest risk. Despite the fact that "it's nothing serious", as they say in the dressing room, Barça haven't set any deadlines beyond seeing, day by day, how the player recovers.

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Lewandowski takes care of his physical preparation down to the smallest detail. At all levels. Both in terms of nutrition as well as training and rest. This precision has allowed him, throughout his career, to suffer very few injuries, most of them minor, and to miss very few matches. At Bayern, for example, one of the longest-lasting injuries was in March 2021, albeit with the Poland national team. He was absent for 23 days and missed six games due to a sprained knee ligament. 

However, it remains unusual for Lewandowski to be absent through injury. At Barça, he has only missed one game this season due to physical problems. That was on the last day of the Champions League group stage. Robert did not travel to the Czech Republic because of back problems. There was no injury, but the team was already eliminated and the coaching staff opted for prudence. 

The same caution will be used on this occasion. The Poland star is absolutely ruled out of the game against Real Madrid this Thursday and he will not be available against Valencia on Sunday at Camp Nou (16:15). The idea, in principle, is that he can return to the first-team dynamic for the visit to San Mamés on Sunday, March 12 to face Athletic. Barça then host Madrid in LaLiga on March 19.

However, the player and the medical services and coaching staff are very clear that his presence in Bilbao will only take place if he is 100% recovered and the risk is zero. What is still to come is too important to risk losing the team's top scorer. His physical condition will be assessed day by day and, from there, a decision will be made.

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