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The Catalans need Tebas to agree to a deal over Financial Fair Play

Barcelona, through Joan Laporta and Mateo Alemany, have been trying for weeks without success to reach an agreement with La Liga to find a solution to the football team's struggle with financial fair play.

Barça, as a club, suffers a disproportion between income (scarce) and expenses (many) that unbalance the club's economy to the point that La Liga has been forced to put the brakes on this imbalance with the tools at its disposal so that it does not continue to grow: Controlling the buying and selling of players.

Now, Barça must reduce its current expenses by a minimum of 200 million euros (in some forums there is even talk of 350) in order to bring the balance back under control. The club's managers know that these demands are very difficult to meet, which is why they have started to negotiate with La Liga to find ways of strengthening their squad for the future, without the yoke of the lack of fair play weighing them down.

Among the different options that have been put forward is that of reducing this amount over a period of three years, but desperation is beginning to take hold of those responsible for the club in frustration at not reaching an agreement. La Liga sees it as extremely difficult for Barça to meet the demands made by the clubs, as Javer Tebas himself has said publicly. There is no Barça-La Liga agreement and it seems impossible that it can be reached as Barça is far from what La Liga is asking for.

What's more, the formula used until now to alleviate the lack of income: the sale of assets, levers, has been deactivated by the League itself so, in principle, it is no longer worth resorting to this solution.

Barcelona has a lot at stake because this brake prevents them, for the moment, from being able to sign Gavi, Sergi Roberto and Araujo. This was not achieved in winter and there is pessimism for the future. In the event that this first step is achieved, then comes another even more complex step, which is the registration of the players that are signed in the summer. And that involves Iñigo Martínez, Gundogan or Leo Messi himself, who already saw two seasons ago how he had to leave because of the lack of fair play and now may find himself in the same situation, despite the fact that the presidential promises do not cease.

Barça is unable to find solutions to its delicate economic situation due to a lack of ideas for generating income, a burden that began with Covid but which, after three years, has not been alleviated. And the future of the club is at stake. Winning the league is a balm for what lies ahead.

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