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The Bayern Munich midfielder is so versatile and a great player

Barça, having confirmed Mateu Alemany's continuity at the helm of the club's sporting direction, are already working on next season's squad. With several targets on the table, now, according to AS, Kimmich enters the scene. 

The announcement of Busquets' retirement has created the need for Barça to look for a guaranteed replacement. The German would be the perfect replacement, which is why, as the aforementioned media outlet explains, the club has confirmed that this is a real option that is being seriously considered. 

There is no other way than a transfer. If FC Barcelona want Kimmich, they will have to pay the transfer fee, something that complicates his arrival, but "It is very complicated, but not impossible", they say. 

At 28 years of age, the Bayern Munich player is not only considered to be one of the best in his position, but also one of the best players in the world. That's why the Bavarians at the Allianz Arena won't let him go easily.

Reports suggest that the price would be around 80 million euros, a figure initially unaffordable for the club, but that if a major exit is confirmed, it could be increased. 

They are also working on the option of including players to make the operation more affordable. Names such as Dest, Nico, Ferran Torres and Ansu Fati could be part of the transfer, says the report.

Bayern's lighthouse

At the helm of Bayern Munich, he has won seven Bundesligas, as well as the Champions League, and is a key player in the team. He is a leader and occasionally also acts as captain of the German national team. 

Versatile to the max, Kimmich carries the weight of the team starting from the back and also appears in the final third of the pitch to provide the final key pass, one of his specialities. 

With Bayern, he has already scored 40 goals and dished out almost 100 assists even though it's not his main job.

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