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Laporta spoke to Jijantes after the closing of the transfer window

After an intense night in the FC Barcelona offices on the last day of the transfer window, Joan Laporta was more than satisfied with the results once all the arrivals and departures had been finalised. Speaking to Jijantes, the president described the night as "historic."

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"We have a fantastic team of professionals who work very well and the players have representatives who have been great," said Laporta, who was delighted with the arrivals of Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo. 

The Barça president also wanted to remember the players who have left the club, especially Ansu Fati, Eric García and Abde, of whom he explained that he is sorry they have had to leave, but that "they have to progress and play a lot of minutes, and it was very complicated here." 

On the arrival of the Portuguese players, Laporta assured that he is convinced that they will bring a lot to the team and that they will help to fill Montjuïc. "The aim is for people to have a good time, for joy to return. The challenges are even bigger and that's why we had to bring in players of this talent."

Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo also spoke to Jijantes, where they said they were very happy despite the difficulties of both operations and the Portuguese full-back assured that he is ready to make his debut in Pamplona against Osasuna this coming Sunday.

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