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  • A Barcelona academy star has left fans in awe with his sensational kick-up skills 
  • Nine-year-old starlet Pedro Juarez sent fans into frenzy with the viral video
  • Liverpool's Luis Diaz is extraordinary - Listen here to It's All Kicking Off 

Football fans have been left in awe by the impressive kick-up skills from a nine-year-old Barcelona academy star. 

Pedro Juarez, nine, has built a reputation as one of La Masia's most promising talents, with clips from his matches regularly going viral on social media. 

And the youngster has once again managed to send fans into a frenzy with an incredible video showcasing his impressive kick-up skills. 

In a clip posted by Rising Ballers, Juarez can be seen juggling a tennis ball with ease before firing it against a wall in-front of him and continuing to keep it up. 

The youngster produces so more kick-ups, on both feet, before again firing the ball against the wall and continuing to juggle it. 

Viral video showcasing Pedro Juarez's talent

Viral video showcasing Pedro Juarez's talent

The youngster showed his kick-up skills in the video

Barcelona youngster Pedro Juarez, nine, went viral for his impressive kick-up skills 

Juarez has been compared with Barcelona legend Lionel Messi, who also attended La Masia

Juarez has been compared with Barcelona legend Lionel Messi, who also attended La Masia

The incident has since gone viral on social media, with plenty of fans being left in awe of the tremendous technical skills on show from the academy star. 

'I can’t even do that with a regular sized ball!', one fan commented. 

Another user claimed: 'He will be in Barca’s first team in 2 years'. 

'His touch is going to be so immaculate', one social media user posted.

On Instagram, the nine-year-old has 38,000 followers and regularly posts videos and photos from his academy matches with Barcelona. 

The youngster's close control and impressive dribbling ability has seem him draw comparisons with Barcelona legend Lionel Messi. 

Juarez will do well to come close to the Argentinian's legacy at the club, having scored 672 goals and recorded 303 assists from his 778 games with the club.  


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