FC Barcelona may be kicked off the UEFA Champions League over financial fairplay, per report

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FC Barcelona's permanence in the UEFA Champions League is currently under review after having violated the league's financial regulations after they reported an income of 304 million Euros, ($334 Million). The German newspaper Die Welt published on Saturday an investigation in which it concludes that there is a real threat that Barcelona could be expelled from the Champions League 2024-25 tournament.

FC Barcelona's sanction could be two to three years for violation of UEFA's financial regulations

Barcelona reported last September earnings of $334 million, however, as far as UEFA's financial regulations are concerned, only sales that can be directly attributed to the soccer business are decisive. The heavily indebted club's latest annual report also reported significant cash receipts, for example from the sale of future TV and marketing rights, as well as from other sports.

Expenses do not match ordinary income. They are all extraordinary. The process that was opened at the time by UEFA against Barça was never closed. It is still pending resolution.

According to the German media, this income does not influence UEFA's assessment. Die, Welt, assures that UEFA members have even commented that the club's balance sheet was "a disaster". The possible sanction that could be imposed on the Azulgrana team could be a suspension "for two or three years" without participating in the Champions League. "The greater the loss, the greater the penalty," sources from the European body told Die Welt.

Barcelona was already fined half a million euros for misdeclaring its profits from the disposal of intangible assets in the 2022 financial year. Negreira case

The Financial Fair Play issue is not the only problem Barcelona has with UEFA. Last summer, there was speculation that the 'Negreira case' would take its toll on the team in the form of a sanction this season. Finally, it was not so, but the file in the offices of Nyon for the alleged purchase of matches is still on the table.

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