Joan Laporta reveals his plans for Rafa Marquez and Barcelona

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Joan Laporta has already shown how involved he is with Rafa Marquez on several occasions, giving him affection and confidence whenever he can. In recent times, it has even been suggested by the Spanish press that the Mexican could be chosen to replace coach Xavi Hernandez if he leaves.

Far from denying it, only a few days ago at a Christmas party hosted by the club for media professional, Laporta confirmed himself what was already an open secret with several journalists. There, it is understood the Barcelona president did nothing to hide his admiration for Marquez.

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Cadena COPE reporter Helena Condis, a journalist who covers Barcelona, revealed what was said in her conversation with La Liga club supremo.

"Laporta is delighted with Rafa Márquez's work and has made it very clear that if at some point Xavi decides to follow another path, then the Mexican coach would be the one chosen. He has no doubt about that," she said.

This is no longer speculation, but confirmation directly from the mouth of the Barcelona president himself, who also appeared to be keen for the journalists present to know it.

He did so at a time when Xavi is walking the proverbial tightrope, despite their 3-2 win over Almeria, so his alleged admission has even more value.

Marquez has many supporters

Marquez has been coaching the Barcelona 'B' team since 2022 and as a player who spent seven seasons in Catalonia, he retains a lot of respect.

This endorsement of Márquez is shared by high-ranking figures in the club, and no one disputes that Laporta will always have the last word. Indeed, it was Laporta's decision to show his support for Marquez in front of many journalists.

It is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, especially in a club like Barcelona. But the fact that Márquez has the option to occupy the Barcelona bench is also a reality.

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