Xavi changes course and will stay on as Barcelona coach

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What an eventful Wednesday afternoon it has been in Barcelona. Finally, there is clarity regarding Xavi's future as coach.

Xavi will honor the remaining year of his contract and stay on as coach throughout the 2024/25 season.

Deco and the Spanish coach spent a little over an hour at the facilities and then moved to the president's home, where Yuste and Echeverría were also present

The meeting originally scheduled between Deco and the Spanish coach convened at Joan Laporta's residence, and was also attended by Yuste and Echeverría.

Whilst the meeting is still technically ongoing, information has been leaked which has confirmed Xavi's decision to renegue on his choice to leave at the conclusion of the current campaign.

Earlier today, Xavi and Deco convened at the Ciudad Deportiva before heading to Laporta's residence, where the president was joined by Rafa Yuste. Echeverría, the president's close associate, was also present. Despite initially planning to attend the Euroleague

basketball match between Barcelona and Olympiacos, Laporta couldn't make it on time.

Both the sporting director and coach arrived at the Ciudad Deportiva shortly before 6pm and departed around 7pm without making any public statements. Soon after, they continued discussions at Joan Laporta's residence, where Yuste and Alejandro Echeverría had gathered after a board meeting at Camp Nou.

What was decided?

It was anticipated from the outset that Laporta would host the decisive summit concerning the coach's future, and indeed it has taken place.

During the meeting, Echeverría was expected to clarify why the coach had reconsidered his decision not to continue, as reported by MARCA earlier today.

The president, in turn, outlined his conditions: limited resources for signings, acceptance of certain changes in the coaching staff, and qualification for the Super Cup.

Thus, what was originally meant to be a deliberate meeting has swiftly transformed into a definitive resolution over the past few hours. At last, Barcelona supporters have clarity that Xavi will remain at the helm next season. The club may reveal further details of the decision today.

These past days have been tumultuous at the Catalan institution, culminating in this decisive Wednesday afternoon. The issue of the coach's future has been a focal point since Monday.

It's worth recalling that Xavi announced in late January, following a painful defeat against Villarreal, that he would step down as coach in June. However, at the start of this week, it became apparent that he was seriously considering a U-turn. Ultimately, he has chosen to stay.

Yet, the final decision wasn't solely Xavi's to make. The club also needed to articulate its stance. While the club was not opposed to Xavi continuing, there were certain conditions to address. Now, both parties have reached a mutual understanding. It's important to note that the high-profile alternatives to the former midfielder were financially out of reach for the club at this time.

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