Xavi agrees to meet Laporta and is seriously considering staying at Barcelona

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Xavi could be closer to staying on as Barcelona coach next season. For the first time since January when he announced his intention to step down at the end of the season, the coach is seriously reconsidering the possibility of reversing his decision.

In fact, he has taken the first step towards staying and fulfilling his contract, which expires in June 2025. The coach has agreed to meet with the president to discuss the matter, which is already a huge step towards his staying on.


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Especially because both Joan Laporta and Deco are clear that at the moment the best option is to keep the Xavi at the club.

The options available outside the club are not good because the main candidates, for one reason or another, cannot make the move at the moment, either because they don't want to coach or because they have a contract in force and to release them would require paying money that the club is not willing to spend.

The reserve team coach

The other option is that of Rafa Marquez, the most likely choice if Xavi were to stand firm on his position and decide to leave, but the Mexican is a risky bet.

Everyone rates the work he is doing in the reserve team very positively, but making the step up to the first team is something else. Inside the club they don't quite see it because they are also clear that Marquez doesn't have great support from the media like Xavi does.


The club is clear

In the meeting that will take place very soon, Laporta and Deco will tell Xavi to reconsider his position, that he has their full support and that they will try to give him the best team they can, although they are all aware of the limitations they have due to Financial Fair Play.

Despite what has been said in some media outlets, the coach does not intend to make demands regarding the transfer market, precisely because he is fully aware of the situation.


In recent transfer windows, Xavi hasn't been able to sign the players he wanted. He has had to make do with what the club could provide without spending a lot of money in the market.

In the summer they only spent money on Oriol Romeu, less than four million euros, and the rest came on loan or on free transfers. And in the winter, apart from Vitor Roque, they were unable to bring in anyone else.

Another difficult transfer window

Expectations for this summer's transfer window follow the same line. There is no space because of the Financial Fair Play problems and there will be no big signings. The club is waiting for sponsorship income, but so far this has not been forthcoming.

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