Barcelona's Nico Williams interest has a limit

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Nico Williams has officially become a target for Barcelona, following President Laporta's announcement on Monday that the club can afford to pursue the Athletic Club forward.

The player's arrival has been a dream for both the president and Hansi Flick to strengthen the team, but the main concern was whether Barcelona had the financial capability to execute such a major transfer given their well-documented financial difficulties.


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Whilst Laporta is confident that the Blaugrana can afford Williams, it's clear that their interest in the forward has a defined limit.

President Laporta's statement confirms that Barcelona are in a position to sign Williams, which is crucial as several top European clubs are also vying for the player's signature.

By making these public statements, Laporta has made it clear that Barcelona is serious about signing Williams, despite increasing interest from other clubs.

How much would Nico Williams cost?

Barcelona's financial capability does have limits. The player's release clause is set at 58 million euros, a non-negotiable figure.

The real competition will be over the player's salary, where Barcelona may struggle against wealthier clubs. The Catalan giants are aware of this and have no intention of entering into a bidding war, especially if Premier League clubs are involved.

Barcelona face stiff competition from Liverpool, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich, as well as the possibility of Paris Saint-Germain entering the fray.


PSG, backed by the state of Qatar, can offer Williams a significantly higher salary, posing a major challenge for Barcelona, especially after Kylian Mbappe departed the club.

Could Williams' friendships help Barcelona?

Barcelona plans to leverage aspects beyond financial incentives. The club can offer a welcoming atmosphere, as Williams has strong friendships with current Barcelona players like Lamine Yamal, Pedri, and Ferran Torres.

These relationships could play a significant role in persuading Williams to join. Furthermore, there is the fact that Barcelona can guarantee Williams a regular starting position on the left wing, a role currently vacant in their team.

In contrast, at PSG, Williams would face tough competition from players like Ousmane Dembele and Bradley Barcola. This assurance of playing time is a crucial factor that could sway Williams towards Barcelona.

While Barcelona offers various advantages, the emotional ties Williams has with Athletic Club cannot be overlooked. The Basque club are known for its strong emotional connection with its players, and it's possible that Williams might choose to stay with his current club.

Barcelona's pursuit of Nico Williams is set to be a challenging endeavor, with fierce competition from several top European clubs.

However, by leveraging financial capacity, personal relationships, and guaranteed playing time, Barcelona hopes to secure the promising striker's signature.

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