Harry Kane's 'curse': Left Tottenham for Bayern to win titles and has already lost two.... in 15 games!

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Harry Kane's world seems to be upside down. The English striker swapped Tottenham for Bayern Munich last summer with a clear objective to win silverware but Bayern, in just 15 games, have already 'said goodbye' to two of the four titles they were competing for this season.

They lost the Super Cup against RB Leipzig (3-0) in Kane's debut. A historic hat-trick by Dani Olmo prevented the Englishman - who came on in the 64th minute at 0-2 down - from winning the first title of his career.

"I feel sorry for him, maybe he thought we had been out of training for four weeks," exclaimed Thomas Tuchel after the defeat.

The second setback came in the Cup against lowly Saarbrucken. The fifteenth-placed team in Germany's third division knocked all-conquering Bayern out of the DFB Pokal (2-1). Goals from Patrick Sontheimer ('45+1) and Marcel Gaus ('96) turned around Thomas Müller's opener ('16).

Muller, frustrated at the situation, said, "Only some people know how to respect the support of the fans."

The Bayern '9' did not play a single minute in the cup 'K.O.' against Saarbrucken. He was on the bench and Tuchel did not use up the five changes, preferring to save him for Saturday's game versus Borussia Dortmund.

Harry Kane experiences his first ever Oktoberfest as a Bayern Munich player

So far, the reality is a far cry from the statement at Kane's presentation in August when he declared, "I want to play in the Champions League and fight for titles. My goal is to win all the trophies we play for."

Bayern, who remain unbeatable in the Champions League, are not the leaders in Germany either: they are second in the Bundesliga, two points behind Xabi Alonso's surprising Bayer Leverkusen side. To make matters worse, 'his' Tottenham, who have not won a title since 2008, are top of the Premier League.

"We'll see [if Bayern and Tottenham can win the league]", Kane said. "There's still a long way to go, but I'm keeping my eye on the Premiership and things are going very well at the moment."

Kane: 14 goals in 13 games

The truth is that, despite two trophies eluding Bayern, little more can be asked of Kane. The former Tottenham man has been involved in 21 goals, scoring 14 and assisting seven, in the 13 games he has played. In fact, the Englishman, who is coming off a hat-trick in the 8-0 win over Darmstadt, including a goal from his own half.

He became the first player to score 12 goals in his first 10 games in Bundesliga history, at this rate and form surely it is only a matter of time before he finally wins a major honour in his football career.

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