Bayern Munich thrash Union Berlin and send Real Madrid a Champions League warning

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If there was any inclination to underestimate Bayern Munich ahead of their Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid, one should think again.

Thomas Tuchel's squad, already using the Bundesliga as a warm-up for the upcoming double-header against Los Blancos, dominated Union Berlin, who initially posed a few threats in the first half but ultimately succumbed and waited nervously for the final whistle.

Admittedly, Bayern Munich displayed vulnerabilities in the first half, particularly in managing Union Berlin's transitions, although the latter had freedom to run without much aim.

Thomas Mueller (R) celebrates with Harry KaneFILIP SINGEREFE

Carlo Ancelotti will need to prepare a plan to stop Harry Kane

When Bayern capitalized on their opportunities, they demonstrated their efficiency. Tel slipped a pass into the box, Muller deftly redirected the ball to Goretzka, who took two touches, first to control and then to bury the ball in the net.

Just before half-time, Kane widened the lead with a spectacular free-kick from outside the wall that sailed into Ronnow's goal. The English forward continues to impress for the Bavarian giants, registering 33 in the Bundesliga and 40 goals for the season in all competitions.

The first half effectively concluded the game. In the second half, Muller marked matchday 30 with a goal in his 400th game as a starter for the club.

His form has been one of the few bright points for the club this season, and he was devastatingly clinical in the quarter-final against Arsenal.

Thomas Mueller celebrates after scoringFILIP SINGEREFE

Carlo Ancelotti will recognize him as the biggest threat to Real Madrid reaching another Champions League final, and the Italian will need to create a plan to stop him.

Mathys Tel's goal, the fourth of the match, was another highlight as Bayern began to cruise to the finish.

Regarding Bayern's reputation this year, any notion of them being charitable should be dispelled. They have two critical dates left in their season: April 30th and May 8th and Real Madrid need to be prepared.

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