Toni Kroos flies extravagantly and with a Michelin star chef to meet adversaries

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Real Madrid continues to prepare for the season that has just begun. The team has been unstoppable despite the fact that certain things can be seen, the most obvious being Militao. Vinicius continues to improve his goalkeeping record and Benzema, despite his apparent lack of finesse, once again managed to be decisive. The triumphant return of Kroos.

All comfort for Kroos

Kroos travels on the short, medium or long haul with all the comforts available on his flights: Michelin-starred chef's menu, onboard shower, open bar of champagne, coffee, glass, and cigar.

Three league matchdays into the season and Eder Militao has been in the photos for two of his opponents' goals. The 'jaimitadas' of Vigo and Barcelona spoil the record of Militao, unblemished in his duo with Alaba born just a year ago. Yesterday he changed partner (Rüdiger) but Joselu's goal portrayed him again. It is not much to doubt Madrid's '3', but it would not hurt to make him look at it and take it as a warning.

Another 'Ronaldesque' goal by Vinicius, who seems possessed by the spirit of Nazario at the start of the season. In Balaídos he turned Marchesín into a statue of salt and in Cornellá he crossed first time with a subtle touch after a great pass from Tchouaméni, apt for cutting and making. The goal-value contributions of the former Monaco man are proving to be one of Madrid's offensive mainstays in the early stages of the 22-23 season, although he does not guard the backs of Kroos and Modric with the efficiency of Casemiro.

The team's competitiveness seems guaranteed despite the departure to United of the Brazilian player who went for every divided ball "as if it were a plate of food". Fede Valverde doesn't look bad in that suit, as was seen when he celebrated as a goal a defensive action on the left flank, in the other hemisphere of his starting position. Nor does Rüdiger seem hesitant to wave the flag of intensity.

Benzema to save the day

He joined late in the preseason and seems to carry that deficit. He lacks that little bit of freshness on the ball that allows him to express his extraordinary reading of the game. Caught very easily in the nets of offside. But if in the case of Militao it is risky to rush, in the case of Benzema it borders on the criminal offense. His two specialist goals, the first from a goal poacher and the second from a free kick, put a sparkle on a night of pick and shovel for the captain.

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