Estadio Santiago Bernabeu magic was key to Real Madrid's Champions League triumph

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UEFA published their technical report on last season's Champions League, the first season in which the away goals rule disappeared.

In addition to the analysis of what occurred on the pitch, the report points to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu as a key factor in Real Madrid's triumph.

"The 95 minutes against Manchester City suggested a loss of control. The challenge for any team in that situation is how to regain a foothold in the face of the storm," Roberto Martinez stated.

"You only understand it when you realise how special it is to wear that shirt," former Real Madrid defender Aitor Karanka added.

The impact of doing away with the away goals rules 50 years later was explained by Frank de Boer.

"Something more attractive as a consequence is the home teams not being so worried about conceding any more," De Boer stated.

"The final 20 minutes are no longer a lottery and both teams have chances. No more trips into the unknown," Martinez added.

Rodrygo and Courtois

As well as highlighting the influence of Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, Luka Modric and Vinicius Junior's contributions in Real Madrid's triumph, UEFA single out two players as key: Karim Benzema and Rodrygo Goes.

The Frenchman was the top scorer in the competition with 15 goals. As for the young Brazilian, he was able to score as many as five goals from the 80th minute onwards.

Thibaut Courtois was not far behind in terms of influence. He made 59 saves in the Champions League, almost five per game, averaging 4.63 interventions that prevented a goal per game. These numbers indicate how important and influential the Belgian is in the current Real Madrid team.

Another, less reported fact, was the aerial strength shown by Ancelotti's side.

Two stats stand out in this regard, during the last Champions League season they conceded a goal every 63 corners taken against them and in the final against Liverpool they won 73.7 percent of the aerial duels against a very physical and powerful team.

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